The story of a navy sweater

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The story of a navy sweater, Blue jumper, blue jeans, casual winter outfit
Blue jumper, blue jeans
The story of a navy sweater, Blue jumper, blue jeans, casual winter outfit

I love how clothes become a memory keepers and evoke feelings of the time and places we bought and wore them. I love the stories they tell, like this story of a navy sweater.

I found this navy sweater about 8 or so years ago, on a girls trip that mum and I took to Melbourne for my birthday one year. It brings back memories of the lovely few days we spent there, visiting museums and art galleries, shopping, eating pizza, drinking hot chocolate and simply exploring the rambling streets and side alleyways that is central Melbourne. This navy sweater wasn’t an investment piece or even amazing quality but it made me feel something. Over the years the fabric has become softer and the colour slightly faded, but the feeling it gave me hasn’t changed and it still draws me back to the memories of that trip and of the times I’ve worn it since. I love how clothes can make you feel a certain way, whether it’s the confidence that comes with putting on a special dress and heels, the comfort of being bundled up in a well worn sweater or the nostalgia of a special piece. 

Speaking of nostalgia, I borrowed this beautiful headband from a friend and it instantly took me back to my 90s childhood of scrunchies and sateen cushioned headbands (I’m pretty sure I had a headband that combined some sort of sateen fabric with eighties geometric prints). 

Jeans and sweaters are the ultimate comfort outfit. Polished enough for a dash to the shops or a casual dinner out but also comfortable so you aren’t itching to take it off by the end of the day. As I mentioned, here, jeans are such a staple of my wardrobe (I’ve been loving these levis recently) and I added a pop of colour in the form of burnt red kitten heels to uplevel an otherwise monocrome look (these shoes were from Trenery and while I don’t think they are available any more here is a similar pair).  I can happily say this will be an outfit on repeat for this winter. 

What clothes in your wardrobe evoke a feeling or have a special story attached to them? What items of clothing give you a sense of nostalgia? 


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    July 25, 2020

    Gorgeous Bridie! I’ve got a cosy jumper that has this special effect ⭐️

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    July 25, 2020

    Gorgeous Bridie. I’ve got a cosy jumper that has this exact effect for me. Instant mood lifter thinking of all the adventures it’s been on!

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      Bridie Leah

      July 25, 2020

      Thank you Anna! It’s so lovely to have these special pieces and it’s definitely a mood lifter to think back on the good times they have collected. Thank you for sharing, I’m so glad you can relate!

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