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· September 2020 ·

Connection, September monthly mood board, cheese platter, grazing plate, connection, cheese board, george jensen
September monthly moodboard, George Jensen cheeseboard and candle holders with truffle percorino cheese and crackers
George Jensen cheeseboard with Spanish truffle percorino cheese
Connection, September monthly mood board, cheese platter, grazing plate, connection, cheese board, george jensen
Connection, September monthly mood board, cheese platter, grazing plate, connection, cheese board, george jensen
Connection, September monthly mood board, cheese platter, grazing plate, connection, cheese board, george jensen
Connection, September monthly mood board, cheese platter, grazing plate, connection, cheese board, george jensen

I love September. Or more accurately, I love spring. As much as I love the cozy comforts that winter brings, I’m not a fan of the cold unless it means skiing. My guess is I’m not the only one who is excited for spring. It’s the perfect in between season. Warm enough to shed the layers and bring out the floral dresses but without the sunbaked heat of summer.

Almost on cue, when 1 September rolled around, I could feel the shift in the seasons. One morning I was bracing myself for the sharp chill as I walked out the door for work, the next it was just a pleasant cool breeze. And then there’s the elusive change in the air. You know the one I’m talking about? I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but suffice to say, “spring is in the air” makes a lot of sense. 

September also is a special month for my husband and I as it also brings our first wedding anniversary – where has the time flown? It’s been nice to reflect on all the excitement we were feeling at this time last year and the quote I’ve left below was one of our wedding ceremony readings from one of Rob’s favourite books. 

As I mentioned in my August blog post, the Monthly Moodboard series is a collection of links to things that have been inspiring or bringing me joy recently. On that note, I realised that there was a bit of a theme of connection this month, probably as I’ve been missing my family a lot in the last month (necessary though it is). However, I know that this separation is not forever and in the mean-time I’m making the most of the amazing technologies such as FaceTime that we have at our fingertips.  

I hope you enjoy the September Monthly Moodboard links below and as always, please feel free to leave suggestions or recommendations below in the comments – I’d love to hear what you’ve been inspired by!


“So yes. It had flaws, but what does that matter when it comes to matters of the heart? We love what we love. Reason does not enter into it. In many ways unwise love is the truest love. Anyone can love a thing because. That’s an easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and perfect and pure”.  – The Wise Man’s Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss.


Practicing / learning yoga has, more than anything, taught me how to relax into the present moment and to prioritise practice and progress over perfection. In particular, I love using the app Down Dog app as I can practice in my living room – which is very practical at the moment. 


There are those songs that root you to those memories of a time and place and hit you right in the heart.  James Taylor, particularly his song, Copperline always does this for me and transports me back to my childhood. I have memories of hearing it playing on Dad’s CD player (remember those?) while a stray beams of sunlight danced over the floorboards. It’s a song about being an adult looking back on memories of a place that you lived in as a child, and it has a poignant yearning to it which never fails to give me a sweet feeling with a bitter edge – particularly at the moment.


I’m a big fan of Brene Brown‘s work and had watched her Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability a while ago. However, I recently re-watched it and got even more out of it this time because her words felt so relevant to the things that we, as a collective, are going through, some of the feelings that have come with starting this blog and other experiences I have had in my life this year. I love her message of wholehearted living – to let ourselves be seen, to love wholeheartedly, practice gratitude and to know we are enough. It’s a powerful speech and if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it and if you have – maybe you’d like to re-visit it.


Coincidently, Rob is currently re-reading to me The Wise Man’s Fear – the book our wedding reading came from. It is the second book in Patrick Rothfuss‘ masterful triology and it’s a compelling and beautifully crafted story which you will almost definitely enjoy if you like the fantasy genre. 


As I mentioned on my instagram I’m participating in an Oxfam initiative called #secondhandseptember which is where you only buy second hand clothes for the month of September – or longer. While I love new clothes, they can contribute to large quantities of textile waste in landfill and so one way to combat this is to buy pre-loved. I thought that #secondhandseptember was was a great way to highlight all the amazing pre-loved options out there. I have found some great second hand finds in our local op-shops. However, there are also some other great alternatives popping up around the place that I’m keen to try and which re-sell good quality designer items such as The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective and Trading in Style, Worn for Good and the Designer Wardrobe Marketplace.


I recently connected to Lynette from Kokoro Studio Ceramics via instagram and I really love her beautiful and minimalist handmade pottery. They are stunning works of art and are obviously made with alot of care and love.

Cook and connect

As it’s been quite busy for us over the past few weeks, we’ve been favouring simple and quick meals and one which never fails to deliver is Half Baked Harvest’s sheet pan poblano chicken fajitas. It ticks the healthy, delicious, quick and simple ingredients boxes – so all of them in my opinion. Half Baked Harvest would have to be one of my favourite food recipe blogs and all her recipes look mouthwateringly delicious. 

I was also very excited to have a blog post Meaningful Connection in the Age of Social Distancing featured on NoSideBar. It’s a blog I recently discovered and love reading, so it was an honour to be featured. That blog post covered the ways I’ve been using technology to stay connected while adhering to social distancing measures and being separated from family and friends. 


Minimalism for me is really about simplifying life so you have more for the stuff that matters most – whatever that is for you. So when I feel like my head feels like it’s too full of thoughts and internal “to do lists”, I turn to pen and paper. There’s something so satisfying about scribbling freehand on a page and getting all the messy thoughts into some sort of order. An Organised Life has been on my list of brands to try for a while now. I love that it combines functionality with a minimalist aesthetic and so I was excited to finally order some beautiful notebooks to use for journalling, story writing, and just generally put down on paper anything that takes my fancy.


On the subject of minimalism, I do love these beautiful George Jensen candlesticks and cheeseboard (pictured) that we were gifted from friends and family. They are a clean, simple and beautiful design. We’ve been lucky enough to collect a few George Jensen pieces over the years and they have been perfect for entertaining or a date night in. 

September 13, 2020

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