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Flowers, Dahlias, Simple living, Slow Living, Florists, Marmoset Found
Flowers, Dahlias, Simple living, Slow Living, Florists, Marmoset Found

Sometimes life’s little detours can lead to unexpected, but beautiful surprises – something which I discovered a week or so ago when, lost and running slightly late for dinner with a friend, Sophie from the beautiful florist Eden and Bell approached me to ask whether I would like the most gorgeous bunch of Dahlias. She explained to me that she could no longer sell them (even though they were still beautiful) but didn’t want them to go to waste and so had been giving them away to strangers on the side walk (and was even kind enough to give me some flowers to take to my friend).

I love fresh flowers – there is something about them that lights up a space and so Sophie’s unexpected generosity truly my day. Even more so, it spoke volumes about the values which underpinned Eden and Bell’s brand. I’ve always admired brands that try to minimise waste and who are genuinely passionate about what they do and Sophie’s small act of kindness showed me how she cared about these things. Although on this occasion I didn’t have as much time to explore her stunning florist (and it truly was beautifully presented), I’ll definitely stop by again soon and can see myself becoming a repeat customer. If you’re ever in Surry Hills, I definitely suggest stopping by and picking up some of her fresh flowers.

So, I guess in some ways I have mis-reading google maps to thank for discovering Eden and Bell and receiving some gorgeous flowers which brightened up my kitchen bench for the rest of the week.

Flowers gifted by Eden and Bell, vase is Marmoset Found (same vase, similar colour here)

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