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Minimalist decor, natural lighting, ceramics, minimal ceramics, minimalist asethetic, vase
Minimalist decor, natural lighting, ceramics, minimal ceramics, minimalist asethetic, vase

Last week was full of new beginnings. I started a new job and we moved house.  Moving house is always filled with a sense of restless, beautiful chaos; ferrying items back and forth, maneuvering furniture through narrow doorframes and re-discovering all the pieces you forgot that you owned. A week later, I feel like we are almost there, although there are still books scattered around the study and a bedsheet is currently posing as a make-shift curtin in our bedroom. I’m excited to share a few photos with you, once I finish decorating. 

It’s a strange thing to see all our belongings in one jumbled pile in the middle of the new living room and to start sculpting the series of empty rooms into a home. Although I didn’t need to do much decluttering, it did make me reflect on what we owned and I donated a few pieces which were not getting the love they deserved. We also acquired a few items, not least, a sofa (our last apartment couldn’t fit a sofa in addition to our dining room table and I didn’t realise how essential this piece of furniture was until we didn’t have one). Now that a sofa has been restored to our living room, I’ve suddenly become enamoured by cushions – particularly linen ones. Who knew I there were so many shades of “stone grey” and “wheat flax” to choose from? I’m completely in love with the beautiful cushions and linen pillowcases from Linen MeBed Threds and Carlotta and Gee

I was particularly excited about our move because our last apartment, quaint as it was, was definitely too small. This move into a larger apartment made me appreciate how space, in and of itself, is such an important element to home decor. Without it, no matter how beautiful your furniture is, it just feels cluttered. I think that this coincides with minimal design where negative space is almost used as a feature as much as the objects are themselves. As a result, I’ve become passionate about storage. Minimalist or not, we all have those cupboard full of items which are practical and necessary but not particularly aesthetic; laptop chords, filing, sports gear, sewing machines etc.

On the topic of space, I think there is also a lot to be said about “mental clutter”. For me, creativity always flows best when I have space and time to reflect on little sparks of inspiration. Even with COVID-19 and lockdown, 2020 was quite a busy year for me and I felt I lacked the space and clarity I needed to execute the ideas I had. This new job has provided me with the opportunity to spend a bit more time on some of my creative endeavours, including this little blog and writing a novel. I’m not sure where this creative journey will take me just yet, but hopefully in a new exciting direction. 

I’d love to know your relationship to space? What does it mean to you?

Vase: Marmoset Found

Bowl: Robert Gordon Pottery

Chest and marble slab: Second hand 

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