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Routines, an organised life notebook and gold hoop earrings
Routines, an organised life notebook and gold hoop earrings

I have an interesting relationships with routines. In some ways, I’m very much a creature of habit. I’m one of those people who always orders the same ice cream flavour, whereas my husband generally tries the flavour on the specials menu. I don’t like being disappointed, particularly not when it comes to something as important as ice cream. 

That said, I’ve also never been a person with a regular routine (except perhaps when it comes to tea). My routines tends to be fluid. Events, like exercise or chores for example, punctuate my week. However, what I do, and when differs. Sometimes I’ll do yoga at 10pm at night, some days a run at 6am and yet others a long afternoon walk. When I previously tried to incorporate more regular routines into my life I felt stressed if I didn’t achieved what I set out to do. Instead I’ve found that for me, having loose plans which I can mould and shape around life’s unpredictabilities can sometimes give me the certainty I crave without making me feel stressed when I have to re-arrange a commitment because…well, you know, …life. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not so much about changing who you are, rather, learning how you can make the way you are work for you. 

On the subject of routines, one of the monthly blog posts I was writing in 2020, was a “monthly moodboard”; a collection of links to things which had been recently inspiring me. I loved the format of these posts and I knew I wanted to continue them. However, when I was reflecting on this year’s content, this routine began to feel slightly rigid. I wanted to be able to share these sorts of posts when I felt inspired to do so, as opposed to around a particular monthly date in the calendar. I also wanted to create some more space for me to talk about other lifestyle topics which were important to me. So this year, I’ve been taking a more ad hoc approach to these blog posts. That said, it’s your thoughts on the matter that I really want to know. Do you like this format? Would you like me to share these kinds of posts on an ad hoc basis or more regularly say every month or two months?


“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax” – Mark Black

As I recently mentioned on Instagram, I’ve chosen the word “ease” for my “One Little Word” of 2021, so this quote seemed very fitting. 


I’ve always loved Instagram for the visuals and asethetics. It’s a place where I find creative and style inspiration and I’ve always loved scrolling through people’s beautiful photography and feeds. So when a new feature came out in the form of Reels (remember I said I could be a creature of habit) I was not sure about it. It took a while (and a move to a slightly larger apartment where I had space to film)  for me to attempt an outfit Reel. However, I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed creating them – taking the footage, compiling them in a way that feels true to me and my aesthetic (with very, very amateur videography skills). It’s really taken my creativity to the next level. They are hard work, but creatively satisfying and just goes to show that sometimes it’s good to be forced outside your comfort zone. 


I first heard about the documentary, The Dawn Wall, on Brittany Bathgate’s You Tube channel and, when Rob and I were trying to decide on a Netflix show recently, we decided to try it. It exceeded both of our expectations was such an in incredible story of two men who free climbed one of the most difficult rock faces in Yosemite National Park; a story of inspiration, overcoming challenges and never giving up on dreams. It just shows you what’s possible when we set our mind to something.

Minimalist stationary, gold hoop earrings, an organised life stationary, motivational journals, minimalist aesthetic

As I mentioned here, I’ve been a fan of Brene Brown‘s work for a while. However, “I Thought It Was Just Me”, a book which examines how and why women experience shame and how we can build “shame resilience” was a truly inspiring read. In saying that, it wasn’t necessarily easy to read either and brought me to tears on more than one occasion. However, it was also one of those books that make you a bit more whole. It was also my first experience listening to a book. I’ve long been a fan of podcasts but hadn’t tried an audio book before. However, it definitely won’t be my last audio book and I think I’ve realised that listening, over reading, is one of the best ways for me to absorb new information. In fact, I actually listened it through the app “Borrow Box” which is a free app connected to our local library. It might be worth seeing if your local library has something similar available to you.


As I mention here, although it’s great to support sustainable brands, sometimes you can still make an item sustainable if you wear it enough times. Case in point are these beautiful gold hoop earrings, which I bought from Myer last November (sadly, I cannot remember what the brand was called). They were just a design I liked – a subtle statement piece that I could dress up or down. However, I’ve worn them most days since and have received so many compliments about them.


I’ve long been a fan of Marte Marie Forsberg’s beautiful photography and work. I just love the way she captures light and colour. 

Cook and connect

If there’s one thing I love *almost* as much as tea – it’s chocolate. Last year my friend Lily, introduced me to Nigella Lawson’s Birthday Brownies and I haven’t been able to stop making them since. This recipe definitely tops all the other brownie recipes I’ve tried.  Just be warned – they are rich but you won’t regret making them.


I’ve really into writing out “to do lists” recently – probably as there have been so many moving parts in my life of late. Sadly, outside of work, I’m not very good at keeping a personal diary or calendar (something I’d like to change as I think they are very useful). However, I do like to do lists and these note books from An Organised Life are the perfect size for them.


How beautiful are these linen sets from Bed Threds? I’ve had my eye on their beautiful bedding for a while now. They come in the most beautiful collection of colours and I feel that linen would be such a lovely fabric to sleep on. 

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