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Dappled sunlight, Luminescence, the art of slow living, simple living, ordinary life, light photography, sunlight
Dappled sunlight, Luminescence, the art of slow living, simple living, ordinary life, light photography, sunlight
Dappled sunlight, Luminescence, the art of slow living, simple living, ordinary life, light photography, sunlight

It’s amazing how much beauty there is in ordinary items if we view them the right way.  One of my favourite things about learning about photography (although I’m still very much a novice) is how it’s taught me to view the world differently – in particular light. The right lighting can really transform a photograph and the object. 

These photos were a happy accident of a patch of sunlight in our kitchen that I noticed a few Sunday mornings ago (although, what you don’t see, is the washed up pots and pans air drying beside the sink, kettle and blender in the back ground). I loved the way that the trees outside threw the dappled shadows across the plaster. Dancing luminescence. 

From time to time I like to do a mood board series on this blog; a collection of links to things which have been inspiring me. As Sydney has been in lock down for the past couple of weeks, I thought it was the perfect time to share some light and inspiration – I hope these collection of links brighten up your day.


“Collect moments, not things” – Paulo Coelho. I love this quote – so simple, but true. 


Rob and I have been watching the masterclass by Chris Voss on the Art of Negotiation. It’s fascinating and we always enjoy discussing his techniques after each video. 


As someone who grew up rarely watching television, it’s medium of entertainment that I often forget about. Blogs, social media, podcasts and books have, in the past, often been my entertainment of choice. However, over the past few months I’ve rediscovered TV series and movies, particularly historic dramas. I’ve particularly loved seeing how a TV series, like a book series, can develop characters and plots in far more depth than a stand alone movie or book. 

A couple of weeks ago Rob and I watched The Dig which was about the archeological discovery of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, 1939. The cinematography of this film was beautiful and the use of light and scenery really added to the story. I’m fascinated by history. There’s something so intriguing to me about the way people lived in the past. Although customs, technology, power structures, architecture and, of course, fashion change across the ages, when you read historical accounts you also realise that many people’s stories, core needs and values are not so different from our own today. There’s both change and continuity in history. 

I’ve also convinced Rob to watch The Spanish Princess with me and I think he’s secretly been enjoying it.  Catherine of Aragon (alongside Eleanor of Aquitaine) is definitely one of my favourite historical figures and, when in high school, I researched and begin writing a novel about her. Turns out Phillipa Gregory’s book, The Constant Princess (upon which I believe the TV series was based) does her justice far better than I ever could.


I must confess reading has fallen by the way side of late. However, I recently began (and must get back to) Grace Beverley’s Working Hard, Harley Working; a book on productivity and balancing the demands of work and life. I’ve very much enjoyed it so far, even though I’m only a a chapter or so in, and it seems to be filled with actionable tips and tricks, many of which I’m sure I could benefit from implementing. 


I’ve been loving Gabrielle Aplin’s new album, Dear Happy, of late. It’s pop-ier and more up-beat than some of my usual listening choices but it makes me just that – happy.

I’ve also become enamoured by The Middle Kids and love their beautiful work, especially Cellophane. I have a weakness for haunting, bittersweet songs and the second verse of that song pulls at my heart strings every time. 


I was recently gifted a beautiful bodysuit and white t-shirt as a very generous PR Product from the sustainable basics brand, Boody. They have been a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while now so I was beyond excited when they reached out. I love Boody’s emphasis on sustainability and their products are so soft and comfortable to wear – all important factors I consider when looking for clothes. I plan on doing a review of Boody on the blog soon too, in case you’ve been interested in trying their items or have been on the look out for great sustainable basics.


How beautiful are these hand crafted ceramics from Kinfolk & Co?

Cook and Connect

Does anyone else feel slightly intimidated when cooking with new ingredients? When Rob and I saw artichokes in our local grocery store we took the plunge and googled how to cook them. They definitely are one of the strangest vegetables to prepare and require a few steps before they can be cooked. However, like most things, once you actually try it out you realise they aren’t so scary and are a delicious addition to pizza, paella or even just on their own. I’m glad we’ve been able to add them to our cooking repertoire. 


“Minimalism isn’t about owning less than you need. It’s about owning exactly what you need” – Joshua Becker.

Wise words for us to keep in mind when we are considering simplifying our lives. Yes, less can be more – but not always. As goldilocks learned – sometimes it’s about finding the “just right”. 

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