Second hand September – favourite thrifted finds

Girl standing in front of a historical building in Sydney wearing a black thrifted blazer and black work pants. Secondhand September, thrifted outfit, secondhand style, slow fashion, sustainable fashion
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Girl standing in front of a historical building in Sydney wearing a brown linen jumpsuit. Secondhand September, thrifted outfit, secondhand style, slow fashion, sustainable fashion
Girl standing in front of a historical building in Sydney wearing a navy blue Camilla and Marc dress. Secondhand September, thrifted outfit, secondhand style, slow fashion, sustainable fashion
Girl standing in front of a historical building in Sydney wearing a white linen dress. Secondhand September, thrifted outfit, secondhand style, slow fashion, sustainable fashion
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What is Secondhand September?

I know we’re approaching the end of September. However, in honour of Second hand September and to inspire you on your own thrifting journey, I thought it wasn’t too late to share a few of my favourite thrifted finds. You may have heard of Second hand September. However, if you haven’t it’s an initiative started by Oxfam where you shop preloved, or from op shops, for the month of September in order to raise awareness about issues of overconsumption in the fashion industry.  

A case for shopping second hand in September (or, really, all year around)

I speak more about how I came to fall in love with, and my approach to, thrifted fashion in this post here. However, incorporating preloved and thrifted pieces into my wardrobe has been one of the easiest, but most rewarding shifts I have made on my journey to create a slower, more intentional wardrobe. Overconsumption and waste is a big issue within the fashion industry and according to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s 2017 report the equivalent to “one garbage truck of textiles…is landfilled or incinerated every second.”* And yet, all of these beautiful pieces pictured above were items I found in my local op shop. They were in beautiful condition; many with tags still on them or hardly worn. Being able to give these pieces a new lease of life has not only benefited the environment but it’s also helped me create a wardrobe full of timeless pieces. It’s also given me the opportunity to purchase some beautifully made pieces at op shop prices leaving more room in my clothing budget to save up for a few of those expensive investment pieces. It’s a real win win situation, if you ask me.

And if you’re in lock down at the moment like me, don’t fret, there are so many amazing online preloved clothing stores available these days such as The Real Real (for more designer items) or online clothing market places like Designer Wardrobe Marketplace or Poshmark. I’ll be honest –  I haven’t actually purchased any clothes full stop this month – although I regularly shop secondhand throughout the year. Although I’ve been enjoying browsing some of these online marketplaces I’m fairly selective about the pieces I purchase (regardless of whether I purchase them preloved or new) and right pieces just haven’t presented themselves to me just yet. However, it’s initiative that I try to participate in each year because I think it’s such a beautiful and easy way to highlight how thrifting and buying pre loved can help us create a more cyclical fashion economy.

Favourite Thrifted Finds

So, without further ado, here’s a few of my favourite thrifted finds pictured above. In honour of second hand September I’ve linked to a few similar items on some second hand online clothing stores. However, as these pieces are one of a kind you may have to have a shop around for similar items if the sizes don’t correspond to those you normally wear. 

    1. I was on the look out for a black blazer and was so excited to stumble over this one from Veronica Maine. The tailoring is exceptional and I love the double breasted button detailing. Here, here and here are some similar items on Designer Wardrobe Marketplace.

    2. I love the boxy fit and the high neckline of this white top that I picked it up in my local op shop. It was originally from Zara and it still had its tags on. Here, here and here are some beautiful white blouses from Designer Wardrobe Marketplace.

    3. This green dress is the perfect summer dress which can easily be dressed up or down. The tags were cut off it – so I’m not 100% sure of the original brand (maybe Country Road?). The fabric is a gorgeous lustrous olive green colour with just a hint of sheen to it. Here, here and here are some beautiful green dresses from The Real Real and a here and here are a few from Designer Wardrobe Marketplace.

    4. This brown linen jumpsuit was originally from Country Road but I discovered it new in my local op shop. The colour is very flattering and it’s such an easy design to throw on, so I find myself reaching for it a lot during summer. Here’s a slightly similar option from The Real Real.

    5. This stunning Camilla and Marc navy dress was a thrift of a life time as their dresses normally retail for over $500. I still can’t quite believe I scored this one and in my exact size too. Now I just need to find the perfect post lock down event to wear it. Here is a beautiful option from The Real Real and here (this one is also Camilla and Marc) and here are a few beautiful options from Designer Wardrobe Marketplace.

    6. This little white linen number was another gorgeous find – the perfect summery dress. I’m pretty sure it had never been worn. Here and here are some beautiful summery white dresses from The Real Real.

    7. This grey plaid blazer was originally Zara with tags on. It was supposed to be a six button double breasted design, but was missing a button at the top. Given the placement of the missing button I simply removed the corresponding one to turn it into a four double breasted blazer – you’d never know. However, if one of the missing button had been in the middle it would also have been easy to simply replace the buttons with a new similar set. Here and here are similar items on The Real Real and here’s a similar item on Designer Wardrobe Marketplace.

    8. I absolutely love this Witchery halter neck black playsuit that I found op shopping. It’s one of those perfect summery pieces which could be worn with a pair of sandals during the day but could be dressed up with a pair of heels for night. Here’s a similar item on Designer Wardrobe Marketplace

I’d love to know whether you have any favourite preloved finds?

Photos: Sara Eshu

*Ellen Macarthur Foundation, A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future (2017) page 37 s

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