Rome, A Photo Diary, Part 1

Girl wearing a striped knit standing in front of Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy
Basilica Of St Mary Major Rome, Italy
Marble Statue in the Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy
Afternoon light on stone tiles at the Basilica of St Mary Major Rome, Italy

Please forgive the little interlude between travel posts. I had wanted to share them closer to real time, but it has slightly slipped away from me what with moving into our place in London, resuming work and just generally life being life. However, I’ve now happily settled in and I’ve been going through the (many) photos of our travels and wanted to share a few more of them with you. Travelling always inspires me and I often feel torn between wanting to soak it all in while staying present and this inexplicable urge to capture every stray beam of light, coloured facade and vine covered monument. Can you relate at all? 

Colourful Facades of Rome's Steets
Marble Busts at the Vatican Museum

This was the trip where I finally fell in love with Rome. It was a city I’d visited before and my previous trips, especially the second visit where, sick and a female solo traveller of 21, left me feeling underwhelmed compared with Florence and other parts of Italy which I’d fallen for in less than 10 seconds. However, my husband, who is passionate about cooking and takes his pasta very seriously, convinced me to give this city another chance. Third time’s a charm they say, and it was for me. I’m so glad I did, as I finally understood the magical atmosphere of dolce far niente everyone raves about. I think it was a good lesson that it is often not a place per se, but your experience of a place, that dictates your favourite travel memories. 

Girl Sitting amongst a field of daisies on Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy
Archway, Rome Italy
Colosseum Rome
The Spanish Steps Rome, Italy

Needless to say, our four days there were wonderful – eating almost nothing but pasta, pizza and gelato at little stalls on crooked streets, soaking in the soft evening light which bathed the pastel facades in a pink hue and marvelling, almost beyond comprehension, at the span of time and sheer number of momentous historic events which had taken place at the ruins amongst which we walked.  Given how much we covered over the four short days we were there, I thought I would split this post into two parts, rather than make this post a very long one. Stay tuned for a second where I’ll put together a little travel guide with some of my favourite things to do and place to eat. 

Photos (in order): Palatine Hill, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, hands of a marble statue at the Vatican Museum, stone floors of the Basilica, building facades, marble busts from the Vatican Museum, a field of daisies at Palatine Hill, an archway, the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps.

Have you been to Rome?  What was your favourite thing about this city?

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