Routines and inspiration

· Moodboard series ·

Routines, an organised life notebook and gold hoop earrings

I have an interesting relationships with routines. In some ways, I’m very much a creature of habit. I’m one of those people who always orders the same ice cream flavour, whereas my husband generally tries the flavour on the specials menu. I don’t like being disappointed, particularly not when it comes to something as important…

Thoughts on space

· And a new apartment ·

Minimalist decor, natural lighting, ceramics, minimal ceramics, minimalist asethetic, vase

Last week was full of new beginnings. I started a new job and we moved house.  Moving house is always filled with a sense of restless, beautiful chaos; ferrying items back and forth, maneuvering furniture through narrow doorframes and re-discovering all the pieces you forgot that you owned. A week later, I feel like we are…

Dahlias from Eden and Bell

· An unexpected surprise ·

Flowers, Dahlias, Simple living, Slow Living, Florists, Marmoset Found

Sometimes life’s little detours can lead to unexpected, but beautiful surprises – something which I discovered a week or so ago when, lost and running slightly late for dinner with a friend, Sophie from the beautiful florist Eden and Bell approached me to ask whether I would like the most gorgeous bunch of Dahlias. She…

Monthly Moodboard

· December 2020 ·

Fairy lights, New Years Eve, Christmas, Monthly Moodboard, December 2020

What a year 2020 has been. This time last year I was sitting on my parents-in-law’s sofa reading Your Own Kind of Girl and optimistically writing down goals for the coming decade – blissfully ignorant of what 2020 had in store for us all. Compared to many of you, I know that I have been…

A Christmas gift guide

· A mindful approach to gift giving ·

A mindful gift guide, Christmas Gift Guide, December, Gifts, Sustainable gift guide, Holiday gift guide

Gift giving can be an art, but if done well, is a special gesture. I’m sure you know the gifts I’m talking about – things or experiences chosen with special care which add value to your life in one way or another. Sometimes this might be something you’ve been wanting for a while. Other times…

Monthly Moodboard

· November 2020 ·

Monthly moodboard, floral arrangement, presents, christmas

With the familiar tune of “All I want for Christmas” serenading the shopping centres and Christmas related content on my social media feed it seems that the festive season is well and truly upon us – even though it’s still only the last day of November. Christmas is such an exciting and joyful time for…

Monthly Moodboard

· October 2020 ·

Monthly moodboard, Floral arrangment, St Anne's Lace, Marmoset found Cloud Vase

How is it the end of October already? Jaracanda season is in full bloom and the city is dotted with pockets of purple. There is a collection of them lining the street outside my office window which makes for a beautiful view. For the students they might herald the beginning of final exams, but luckily…