Shop my favourite wardrobe staples (with a focus on sustainable brands)

Consistent with principles of a capsule wardrobe, “staples” are the basic building blocks of your closet (think jeans, shorts, t-shirts, basic tops and bodysuits, ballet flats etc).  They are the things you reach for every day – a blank canvas on which you can build an outfit and onto which you can project your style. Your wardrobe certainly doesn’t need to consist only of the basics, but in my experience, my wardrobe is a lot easier to style and I have fewer “I have nothing to wear” melt downs when I get the foundational pieces right.

Below are a selection of my favourite wardrobe staples from a range of (mostly) sustainable, ethical and conscious brands so that you can help build a cohesive, versatile wardrobe which you love and will wear for years. Please note the below are affiliate links so I may earn a small commission if you do choose to purchase on (at no extra expense to you). You can read what this means here.

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