General approach to collaborations

While I am a content creator now, I have spent many years being a consumer – one who has often bought products recommended by influencers I look up to. I truly value this community and understand the importance of only sharing products I genuinely love and believe in. As a result I am very careful to only share products which I think you will enjoy hearing about and often turn down collaboration opportunities which are not the right fit for my brand and this community.

Affiliate Links

As is common in this industry I am part of Like to Know It and another affiliate program, Partnerize. This means that if you choose to purchase an item through an internal link (not all links are affiliate links but some are), ‘shop the look’ widget, or online shop (coming soon) I may receive a commission (and it also means that this site uses cookies). However, this commission does not affect the price of the product, rather, is paid for by the retailer. By sharing items in this manner it helps me to continue to create free content and I hope it also helps you to find items similar to the ones featured in my blog posts more quickly and efficiently.

Product Discount Codes

I am sometimes given a product discount code from a brand to share with this community. This allows you to get a small discount on a product by entering my code at the check out – in case you were interested in trying it. Like affiliate links, I may earn a small commission from the brand through the use of this discount code.

Gifts, PR Products or Payment in Kind

Sometimes brands will send me products. This occurs in one of two ways. They may send me a product in exchange for a blog or social media post  (payment in kind) or on a ‘no obligation’ gifted basis (where I can share the product if I like it but there is no obligation to do so). When it comes to fashion and lifestyle related content I accept products in both categories for brands I genuinely love and which I think you might like to hear about.

When it comes to skincare and personal care products it is my policy to only share products that I have used the product before (for example, if I have previously bought the product on my own accord) or if I am gifted it on a no obligation basis and will only share after using the product for a time. That way I am able to give you my honest thoughts on the product. I’ll disclose in each blog post if a product I share has been gifted from a brand or is a PR product.

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