How to style linen in winter

Girl wearing a trench coat, striped sweater and tailored linen trousers.
Girl wearing a trench coat, striped sweater and tailored linen trousers.
Close up outfit detail photograph of a girl with red lipstick wearing a striped jumper and a trench coat.
Girl wearing a trench coat, striped sweater and tailored linen trousers.
Girl wearing a striped sweater and tailored linen trousers and a small brown bag over her shoulder.

Linen is one of my favourite fabrics. Sustainable, breathable, hard wearing. While it does crease, I’ve often felt this imperfection adds to, rather than detracts from, it’s beauty. You’ve probably associated your linen garments more with spring and summer. The fabric certainly conjures up feelings of sun drenched European summer evenings for me. However, one of my favourite ways to “slow down” my wardrobe is to make it stretch as far as possible; getting creative and re-styling traditional summer pieces for other seasons. It helps me do more with less. So, below are a few suggestions for styling linen in winter. 


It’s true. Wearing linen in winter is easier to achieve if you live in a climate that’s predominately warm all year around than one where temperatures varies significantly (something I’ve definitely learned since moving to London) but with the right layering, your linen pieces can be just as versatile in the cooler months as they are strolling beachside. Take the below as inspiration to get the creative juices flowing but don’t stop there – I’m sure there’s many ways to make this versatile fabric work in your wardrobe year around.

Styling a linen shirt or blouse in winter

I love a linen shirt in summer as it’s the perfect beach side cover up paired with a skirt or shorts. However, layer a cami, thermal or bodysuit underneath it and voila – this classic piece works for winter too. With the cami, thermal or bodysuit I’d suggest picking a shade which is neutral or a shade of the linen shirt so that it blends in and a v-neck style means that you can leave the first few buttons open without it. If it’s particularly cold you can also layer a woollen sweater over the top. Pair it with denim or trousers & boots and a coat of choice to maximise your winter wardrobe staples.

Sezane Review. Girl wearing Sezane's Joanie black bodysuit with a low back and a Country Road black linen midi skirt.
How to wear a midi skirt. Country Road, Country road black tiered linen midi skirt, linen skirt, tiered skirt, minimalist outfit, cross-seasonal outfit
Styling a linen skirt in winter

Effortlessly elegant, I love a linen skirt. I bought this linen midi-skirt a few years ago and it’s been a easy to style up or down but also for different seasons by adding tights, heeled boots, a sweater and an oversized coat. If you live in a really cold climate I’ve heard (but haven’t tried yet) that fleece lined tights are supposed to be a great way to stay warm in winter while wearing skirts and dresses.

Styling linen pants in winter

I bought the trousers pictured above in summer but they’re equally wearable in autumn and winter too. Above is just one of the ways I’ve styled them with different sweaters and a trench. On a really cold day they can be styled with a thicker coat and boots. If it’s really cold layer thermals or stockings underneath.

Styling a linen blazer in winter

Perfect over a slip dress in summer to take the edge of those cooler summer breezes, there’s nothing stopping you wearing a linen blazer in winter. I think a linen blazer would look great styled in a monochromatic or tonal outfit with a shirt or turtleneck sweater as the fabric would create texture and depth.

Styling a linen dress in winter

Re-style your summer linen dresses for winter by layering a sweater over the top and adding thick tights, heeled boots (especially with knee high boots) and a coat. 


I hope the above gives you some inspiration as to how you can style linen in winter so you can maximise your wardrobe all year around.

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