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I had a different blog post planned out for this week, but it seemed that life had other plans as it threw a few unexpected changes our way (don’t worry, nothing bad, we’ve just had to move sooner than originally anticipated – such is the life of renters). As a result my time for blogging this…

Is less always more?

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Less is more, as they saying goes. But is it? When it comes to fashion I love taking a simpler approach by: investing in quality pieces; having a smaller, but more versatile wardrobe; using capsule wardrobe principles to get more mileage out of my wardrobe; adding subtle hints of colour and print to a mostly…


· A mood board series ·

Dappled sunlight, Luminescence, the art of slow living, simple living, ordinary life, light photography, sunlight It’s amazing how much beauty there is in ordinary items if we view them the right way.  One of my favourite things about learning about photography (although I’m still very much a novice) is how it’s taught me to view the world differently – in particular light. The right lighting can really transform a photograph…

Why it’s Ok to have an Imperfect Wardrobe

· And How to Style a Polka Dot Blouse ·

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Life’s synchronicities can be funny sometimes. It feels like life has thrown me several challenges over the last week centred around perfectionism, while simultaneously gifting me the antidote (gentleness and self compassion) to overcome them through quotes, podcasts, messages or words of wisdom.  While these challenges weren’t wardrobe related, it’s made me reflect on how…

Timeless work outfit ideas

· Two ways to style work wear ·

Timeless work outfit ideas, Two work outfit ideas. Work wear inspiration, Minimalist work wear outfits, Winter work outfit ideas, simple work outfit idea, classic work outfits, capsule work wear wardrobe

As we slowly begin transitioning back into the office (at least here in Australia) I though it could be helpful to share with you, two timeless work outfit ideas, in case you need a little inspiration. As I mention here, where I talk about my work capsule wardrobe, one of my biggest tips for creating…

Clothes as self care

Clothes as self care, minimalist outfit inspiration and girl wearing a black jumpsuit, simple outfit ideas

Clothing probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word “self care” – even when viewing this word through a holistic lens, as simply practices which support your physical and mental wellbeing.  I certainly never used to view clothes this way. In fact, I used feel guilty spending money on…