Timeless work outfit ideas

· Two ways to style work wear ·

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As we slowly begin transitioning back into the office (at least here in Australia) I though it could be helpful to share with you, two timeless work outfit ideas, in case you need a little inspiration. As I mention here, where I talk about my work capsule wardrobe, one of my biggest tips for creating…

Clothes as self care

Clothes as self care, minimalist outfit inspiration and girl wearing a black jumpsuit, simple outfit ideas

Clothing probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word “self care” – even when viewing this word through a holistic lens, as simply practices which support your physical and mental wellbeing.  I certainly never used to view clothes this way. In fact, I used feel guilty spending money on…

A case for vintage

· How to style a vintage cardigan ·

Lois Hazel Top, Jane Birkin Style, Antique Cardigan, Thrifted Outfit, Sustainable fashion outfit ideas, Capsule wardrobe inspiration

Don’t you love it when, on a whim, you discover the perfect outfit? I happened upon this combination back in March, while experimenting with ways to style this Organic Cotton Rib Tank from Lois Hazel that I had just bought. I suddenly remembered the beautiful vintage cardigan that I had folded away at the back of…

Routines and inspiration

· Moodboard series ·

Routines, an organised life notebook and gold hoop earrings

I have an interesting relationships with routines. In some ways, I’m very much a creature of habit. I’m one of those people who always orders the same ice cream flavour, whereas my husband generally tries the flavour on the specials menu. I don’t like being disappointed, particularly not when it comes to something as important…