In between the seasons

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I distinctly remember a photograph of my grandmother wearing a blouse and a pair of tailored, high waisted shorts. Her elegantly set curls and  immaculately pressed shorts stood out in stark contrast against the weathered chamferboard Queenslander and the short cropped summer grass. Not only is she one of the most effortlessly beautiful women I know,…

Monthly Moodboard

· September 2020 ·

Connection, September monthly mood board, cheese platter, grazing plate, connection, cheese board, george jensen

I love September. Or more accurately, I love spring. As much as I love the cozy comforts that winter brings, I’m not a fan of the cold unless it means skiing. My guess is I’m not the only one who is excited for spring. It’s the perfect in between season. Warm enough to shed the layers…

Off duty style

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A pair of neutral coloured pants has been on my list of to-buy wardrobe staples for a while now, so I was pleased to have recently found this pair from Manning Cartell.  I love that they are a relaxed fit, but still tailored enough to give me some shape and can be dressed up or down….

Monthly Moodboard

· August Inspiration ·

Here is my August monthly moodboard, a collection of links to things that have been inspiring me or bringing me joy recently. August always reminds me of the westerly wind rattling at the locks and windows and bending shadowy trees to it’s howling will. However, it also reminds me of sunny winter days, the promise…