A modern take on the concept of “feminine style”

Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.
Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.
Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.
Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.
Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.
Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.
Girl wearing a pink off the shoulder midi dress.

If you asked me to sum up my style, the words ‘simple’, ‘timeless’ and ‘modern femininity’ would spring to mind. I’ve always had a bit of die hard romantic in me and my heart melts just a bit (ok, a lot) at the sight of a beautiful ethereal dress. I love how the odd ruffle or artfully draped fabric can soften the the clean lines, simple designs and muted colour palette of a minimalist wardrobe while still creating a look that feels modern and not over the top.

Notwithstanding the dress featured in the photos above, I strongly believe that the style category, known as “feminine style”, goes beyond the often portrayed stereotype of lace, ruffles, pink dresses and gender norms. We humans are multi-faceted, complex and unique and so too should be our wardrobes. There are so many ways to put your own spin on this style category – whether you wear jeans or a dress. It all comes down to the way you style it and the confidence with which you wear it. As I mention below, sometimes, all an outfit needs is a good red lip. In case you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a suggestions for embracing “feminine style” in a way that feels modern, true and authentic to you.,

1. A garment's silhouette

A garment’s silhouette is one of my favourite ways to inject some femininity into my wardrobe and I love how the shape of an item of clothing can create drama and interest.  For example, I think there’s something very feminine about a belt worn over the top of a well fitting blazer to create an hourglass shape or voluminous balloon sleeve or gathered skirt. 

2. Subtle statement pieces

When purchasing clothes I often find myself drawn to timeless pieces with a subtle twist or statement; a low back on a simple black bodysuit, an asymmetrical neckline or tie detailing on an otherwise plain jumpsuit. I love how these small outfit details like this, particularly designs which show just a hint of skin, but not too much can make me feel very feminine. 

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3. High waisted items

I love the way a high waist instantly creates an hourglass silhouette – be that a pair of jeans or tailored trousers or a silky skirt.

4. Fabric and drape

Softer silky fabrics are often associated with “feminine style” but you can add a modern twist by opting for a classic cut and colour or contrast the item with a more structural piece (think  trench coat over a a slip dress or a blazer over a tulle skirt). However, don’t discount some of the more structural fabrics either. For example, a perfectly fitted tailored white suit. 

5. A soft muted colour palette

If you’re a fan of a neutral colour palette, lighter shades like cream beige and champagne can be a beautiful way to add softness into your wardrobe – particularly when layered together. When it comes to colours, pastels and softer shades (think sage greens or pale yellow or dusky rose colours) can be beautiful ways to add touches of femininity to your wardrobe. I personally find that muted versions of these colours (for example, a dusky pink over a bright pink) can add depth and subtlety to the look without being too overwhelming.

6. Ruffles, lace and sequins (though less can often me more)

I think we can all agree that there’s something undeninably feminine about a ruffles and lace, and as we approach festive season, a sequin or two doesn’t go astray. While they are not for everyone (and I hope I have highlighted above that these items are not pre-requisites for feminine style) I for one have a soft spot for such outfit details. However, I think ruffles, lace and sequins are perfect examples of the saying “less is more”. The key to wearing ruffles and lace without them looking over the top is to keep the rest of the outfit simple and streamlined. The choice of fabric can also help too. For example, the organic linen fabric balances out the ruffles on this dress here and the ripped jeans contrast well with the lace blouse here. When it comes to sequins, I like to stay with a classic colour like gold or silver and keep the rest of the outfit simple so as not to diminish their shine.

7. A red lip

While not an item of clothing per se, I love how confident a red lip makes me feel and exudes vibes of Old Hollywood Glamour and bygone eras. Judging by the number of times I reach for this beauty classic in order to elevate a simple outfit, I feel that it almost counts as an accessory in and of itself, no?

I’d love to know – what’s your take on modern feminine style? 

Outfit details: Dress thrifted (similar design but in a different colour here and similar colour but different design here), shoes Country Road (similar here).

Photos: Sara Eshu

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